The act of being spanked by your partner or the act of doing the spanking all ties into emotions. It seems odd to enjoy the physical pain of a spank or to enjoy witnessing one. The answer to that, however, is about the appearance and involuntary reaction.

Spanking release adrenaline in your body when hit, it makes your body give out to the dominance of the other person. This will often lead to humiliation and weakness. For some, that lack of control and idea that they will be touched and played with by the other person against their comfort is exciting.

It forces the person to step down from their daily position as an independent… And to enjoy what’s happening in the moment. For the other side, being able to take control in a situation using mild force boosts their eestem. They know they’re in control in a way the other person is okay with.

The thought of a lower person being openly vulnerable is a pickup for their arousal. Overall, both parties are experiencing uncommon emotions that give a rush. Its not gender specific either, as any pair can partake in it; which is what makes it so popular in the bedroom; It’s all about exploring preferences and trying new grounds.

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